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I prefer to be open and transparent about the development of That’s why I’m listing major development steps here. I understand that this is not super interesting for you as an artist but my developer friends like it and some of them are voiceover artists as well :P

Current activity

On June 1, 2019 I returned to Berlin, Germany after I had validated within 4 months (Feb 1 to May 31) while traveling & working (day job, voiceover). In practical terms this meant that I was cold-contacting recording studios to connect to them and convince them to be listed on

If there had been no market fit or market validation until Jun 1 would have died. But the opposite is the case. That is why, after my return to Berlin, I’ve been in the process of making money through client work (with my copywriting startup). Making money through client work gives me the funds for further investment into - tech- and travel-wise.

You can follow my daily struggle as an adventurer and entrepreneur (adventureneur)!

Countries and cities where I connected to VO studios:

Currently collecting in:

I’m currently located in Berlin, Germany but I’m not actively collecting new studios because I get to focus on making money through copywriting jobs. As soon as I saved enough money, I can continue my travels and collect more studios, for example in other parts of Europe or in Asia.

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