Hire brilliant voiceover talents who run a remote studio. Anywhere. Anytime. Free!

Circumstances have changed - Covid–19 has turned Studiolist.org upside down. But it also revealed the core of my service: Studiolist is in between your art (voice-acting, directing, casting) and technology (software, hardware, education). This means…

From now on, I will no longer connect store-front studios with voiceover artists but instead offer this…

Get a brilliant voice actor with great voiceover live-performances serving excellent audio-quality and high-speed internet (~50-100Mbit/s) out of their fully-equipped home studio using industry-standard mics & preamps and live-remote-streaming & remote-recording software like Source-Connect, ipDTL, ConnectionOpen, Cleanfeed, or bodalgoCall.

Try Studiolist.org! (soon – I’m currently knocking on all my voiceover friends’ doors so I can list them here, please be patient)

(Previously I worked based on commission from the studio owner and it was free for artists. Now, the voiceover artist and their studio have become one, and I still won’t charge them. So, I will find a new source of income - maybe a sponsorship.)

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