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Studio-owning, professional, mic-ready voice actors meet legitimate companies that have hired or intend to hire voice-over talent.

I created this list of talent-hiring companies so that struggling voice-actors, audiobook narrators, and voiceover artists can find work by staying in touch with these companies.

Languages Company name Company Website LinkedIn Company Page Contact person Person’s Role Person’s LinkedIn via Created time Created by
German Swag Masha Elena Khudenko Localization Manager & Talent Acquisition Voice123 Alexander Kluge
Brazilian PortugeseGerman Tradewind Group Mary DayPartner & Marketing and Market Research Consulting Upwork Alexander Kluge
German MY Chinese Voiceover Judy Zhou (zhouli) ⚠️ her role is unknown to me, but she represents a recording studio in China that needs voice-over talent;
plus: “MY Chinese Voiceover is the only professional Chinese voice-over company with translation service in the UK.” LInkedIn Alexander Kluge
German TheSoul Publishing Ksenia Luzanova Talent Recruiter LInkedIn Alexander Kluge
German BIG (former Chez toi Agency: Myriam Lesser Project management and production manager, web and mobile - multimedia content for all audiences, young people and disabled audiences
Gestion de projet et chargée de production, web et mobile - contenu multimédia tout public, jeune et public empêché Voice123 Alexander Kluge
German Lemonlight Grace / / Voice123 Alexander Kluge
More companies to come Alexander Kluge

Brief history:

It’s called because this side project started in 2017 as a way to list all voiceover recording studios on the planet – I had managed to collect 100+ recording studios in Europe, Africa, and the U.S. but then Covid came, and I stopped working on it in 2020 or so.

Now in 2023, I’m relaunching Studiolist with the goal to connect talent-hiring companies with pro voice-actors.

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